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iherb a US based Co. have no offices and warehouses in th world. Buying products from iherb wil lead to double th cost due to custom duties.Dont get trapped in its economical prices.

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iHerb recently changed their shipping options from Airmail and Airmail Premium to Globalmail and Globalmail Plus. The previous shipping methods are cheaper than the new list but the shipping time frame is the same. They are basically the same shipping process, only handled by a different courier. The only UpSide is that the tracking information for Globalmail is more reliable than Airmail. It is still up the Customs Clearance and how the... Read more

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I ordered from iherb while. My order is still in transit when I came across this site of pissed customers. I was stunned to have learned that I need to pay custom duty. Because of your negative reviews I emailed iHerb customer service. I was accomodated and treated with understanding. Although iHerb wasnt clear on the custom duty, its part of our responsibility to know the international laws of shipment. As the saying goes, "ignorance of the law... Read more

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This company is selling products all over world, I have made purchased from Indian thinking its an Indian Company as all these app have values in rupees and not in dollars, later when I made purchase my order was not delivered to me for more than 25 days, I tired to get in touch which them and later came to know thats its US based company, so I sent them email about the same, I have ordered L carnetin fat burner for Rs. 1573 /- from my credit... Read more

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Don't use this company!! They are dishonest and don't deserve any of your business. They let a person who did not know my zip code use a stolen credit card # 4 times to spend more than $380.00!! When I contacted the company they informed me that the order information did not match but the person said they moved?! IHerb still allowed them to place 4 ORDERS!! When I searched their company information online it didnt take long to see that they... Read more

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iHerb ( is asking for extra amounts on delivery - even for the fully paid (including shipping charge) order to India. Whereas the order was placed on their Indian site itself. It's a hidden and unwanted cost on the customers without any prior information on the order documents ... so the customer is not really aware about the final price / cost of the product which is really unacceptable. It seems a kind of cheating to me as... Read more

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Beware of iherb + DHL , if you live in India I had placed my first order to iherb about 15 days ago. It was about 1500/- for the products and 700/- shipping. ** custom charges may be taken. I never thought of customs to be about 1800/- bucks.DHL called and told me so. Still waiting for the product to arrive. Now, what i am paying - 1500 for products + 2500 for other charges.

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I am... Oops, I meant I was a loyal iHerb customer for about a decade, and was very satisfied until recently. You never really know who you are dealing with until there is an issue. An item was missing from a recent order… No problem. The problem is that trying to get the issue resolved turned into a mountain of necessary extra work and aggravation. I ended up going back and forth for almost one week with iHerb though email because the... Read more

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I also orders medicine from I herb, my orders was return them as restriction of Vietnamese governments. I contact with I herb they confirmed that they would refund when my order arrived their warehouse. I ask DHL sent my orders back, but I dint receive Iherb contact me, I had to write letter to ask and they answer that they will refund me after deduct shipping cost by DHL and one more cost called return less cost. My order value 63 but they only... Read more

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Worst experience of my life with iherb. DHL initially demanded many documents for custom clearance(as per them). Later when the shipment arrived after a big struggle by me then a rude representative demanded a custom duty of 60% of the price of the product together with many other charges. I thought ordering from iherb will be economical but it is costing me double. I request everyone not to get fooled by their low prices. Its a trick and DHL is... Read more

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