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BEWARE when ordering from this site. It is a super user friendly site (AND THIS IS THE POINT) just choose your country flag and start shopping. The prices are automatically switched to your local currency but what they do not tell you, is that the products are shipped from the US and you are liable to pay the import tax. In my case, ordering from France, cost me €57.42 + €7.36 for DHL delivery and an extra €28 in taxes which I was ordered to... Read more

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Iherb - OMG!!!!!!
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They sent me my package late, and I waited I thought that is fine it is the holidays. Package arrived with oils leaked all over (essential oil) of other stuff that I have got! Also, the supplement that I have ordered did not have a lid on it! Are you kidding me?I will never never never never never buy anything from them again. They don't even have phone numbers to talk with you. How could this business be a google trusted store? I would never... Read more

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I didn´t receive my order, they didn´t refund my money on a order from June 2016. We are in December and they still didn´t refund my money. IHerb doesn´t take accountability for their orders, I don´t recommend this company to anyone. My order was stopped by customs in Spain, they sent the package back to Iherb but Iherb never refunded me. They choose their carrier, they should be responsibible for tracking and receiving the packages back and... Read more

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I order a few skincare products from iHerb, stating clearly in the delivery address of Sydney 2000 but the tracking shipment showed that they delivered to Alexandria. When I emailed them the first time, they apologized and found that the shipment was returned back to the AMS facility in Alexandria w/o any reason. They say they will reroute the order. 1 month later, there's no trace of the shipment so I emailed again, this time they say the... Read more

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Received the wrong merchandise ways suipposed to receive Nature Made Hair Slin and nails 60 softgels order number 452526630-0

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Damaged goods from iherb due to poor packaging.
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I received 2 bottles of blakstrap molasses which had no protective packaging around them. Hence the bottles came with leaking molasses. I paid 3 times the amount of the product in shipping and duties and this is what they do. Extremely disappointing. I contacted the customer care but nobody has replied to my email. There is no point in even returning the product because of high shipping cost. Also they do not even mention how much custom duty... Read more

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Giving it a single star as i am forced to...I am based in India and ordered supplement worth Rs 2200 and on receiving the product I was asked by DHL to pay for customs which was Rs 2400 which was more than the product value. It was never mentioned on the website regarding the price to be charged as custom duties. I felt like being cheated. I never had such bitter experience with Bodybuilding .com but had to switch to this because of... Read more

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I ordered from this company and they omitted to inform me CLEARLY of their customs and tax charges on delivery. I've seen many reviews now with the same issue and it's not acceptable. If customers were aware of this up front they could make an informed choice as to whether they purchased from them or another company. Responses from their customer services were unhelpful. Won't use them again or recommend them to anyone either. Read more

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I always got my vitamins for 3 months. This time I ordered 170.00 and the next day I found out that 138.85 was charged on my account which i did not charge. I called them up and asked them to cancel the order and they said I was hacked but only they had my info how would they know that? I have never been hacked on a private pc that only I know the password to. Any way they would not let me cancel the order even though I asked 3 times so I called... Read more

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Be Cautious! If you ordered the correct product, all is well. But heaven help you if you have to return a product. There is no telephone contact. You can Chat to no benefit. They do not pay return shipping. Another words, this is NOT a user friendly site. It is a mechanized disaster. E-mails, frequent, were returned without any resolution. I paid over $9 in return shipping. Even though I returned the product I could not use the loyalty... Read more

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