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This is my update after getting the DHL payment notice, Thank god, its the normal 42% extra, I know 42% is not a small, but no other option, coz the rare herbs which avialable at iHerb are sold at double the price on our local e-com sites, and got a confirmation from DHL that normally iHerb deliveries will be charged at 35 to 40%, and one more tweak is if you order multiple products in single order, you would reduce DHL handling charges Rs.500/-, otherwise you got to endup paying multiple 500s with each individual delivery.

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Yes, Clearly there is a part mistake from iHerb side,

in the website below the Shipping charges, there is a fine print saying

"Duties and Taxes may be collected at delivery ", but what is the expected amount of that never stated,

Here at customs clearance for supplements its around 30% of the cost as per customs website http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources//htdocs-cbec/customs/cs-tariff2015-16/chap-21.pdf

, and DHL will charge their own charges making to 100% of the cost of the product itself,

Its seems childish to blame iHerb or DHL, but its our responsibility to check the facts before ordering.

Everyone might have heard about Sachin's Ferrari 100% customs tax payment, but we still forget the facts.

I too burnt my fingers and requested for cancellation of order before it getting out of US, waiting for the response from iHerb., will post again soon.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

iHerb Cons: Not mentioning the exact customs duty.

Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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It happenned exactly same way for me tok....!


I herb sent me the wrong product. They have shown diffrent discription of the protein and delivered wrong one.


Dear all,Need your advice.If i buy one supplement form iHerb heaving const of INR 3600, How much custom and other duties i should pay during the time of receiving item?


They will charge around 2000 INR to 3000 INR i burnt my fingers when i ordered 4600 product + 1000 Shipping + 2968 Custom charges


Rs 2150/-. I know because that's the same amount I ordered from iherb.


Worst experience buying products from iherb site, almost had to pay tripple cost of the product and hidden charges custom charges were not clearly mentioned on the site, feeling cheated and very annoyed WORST SITE for buying products..STAY AWAY FROM IHERB.


the worst site ever , i had bad experience too.... ended up paying more than my products value


Worst shopping experience with iherb.. will never ever buy anything from it


Atleast Discounts on iHerb are good. I have used this code ARJ8070 for 5% sitewide discount. Shipping, Duties and taxes makes the item’s price double the original cost but no where else in India you get quality supplements and costs on Indian website selling high end supplements comes as same or even more.


Everyone is talking about money money but no one is saying about authentic and geneuine product. As in most of the country people are buying garbage supp.


I too have ordered multiple times from iHerb. Always same issue regarding excess Customs duty charged.

Mistake is partly that of iHerb.

The products are marked as Beauty Products/ Herbal medicines.

Mails to iHerb in this regard NEVER GET A RESPONSE.

Essential medicines (not available in India) would certainly not attract such high customs duty.


iHerb's products cannot be classified as essential medicines in the US where the company is located. This may be why they cannot or will not classify them as such for export.

The situation might be different in some European countries.


I guess you guys should check with your country's laws regarding international shipments and custom charges before ordering from abroad.

iherb warned that duties might apply, its your responsibility to check that before placing the order.


what you said is right, everyone needs to burns their fingers once to realize.


I ended up paying Rs.3400 for product worth Rs.700.

Rs.1900 for duty and Rs.700 for delivery.

Cheat... should have mentioned these details very explicitly and clearly in the website


Go to website expertgenius.in to know the exact customs duty of the product u want buy and then place the order


Thanku guys.. ur comments are very usefull..u saved my money


I burnt my pocket too. I ordered protein powder for 6.4grand paying a hefty 1.6grand for shipping.

And now that the product is here I have to pay 4.3grand for the customs! And I was not even told about this! This is a scam.

I had heard good reviews about the quality of product available in iHerb and so I ordered. Now I feel like a ***.

Yeah stay away from iHerb


My custom charges were 6000 rupees for 12000 cost of products, iherbs never mentioned even once about these charges now I had already exceeded my budget paying extra 6000 for nothing was a pain. Stay away from ordering if you don't wish to pay more than 50% of cost of product as custom charges and DHL hidden charges


My product cost was INR 600/- and I paid another 600/- approx for shipping which I thought would include customs and everything. After complicated KYC requirements and submitting letters required by DHL, I had to pay another INR 1234/- for customs and DHL handling charges.

Don't order from this website unless you are willing to pay 300% of the value in shipping and handling and custom duty and taxes. Complete waste of money.

Never ordering from iherb again. Stay away if you are ordering from India.

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