I used to love them, but than the customer service kept getting worse, until the point where it just wasn't worth the hassle to save a few dollars on shipping. I was getting items that didn't arrive, items arriving damaged, and items that were completely expired.

They used a company called lasership to ship items and the company took forever to deliver your packages, if they even delivered them at all. There were times that they would carelessly throw my package against the door or drop near the edge of the step near my front door, where anyone can take it or trip over it. It just gotten to the point, where the free shipping wasn't worth it, when you were either getting damaged items or products that were badly expired. I end up switching to stores, when I did have to pay shipping, just to get some accountability when it come to my items shipping and being able to track them and be able to get customer service to help me when I had an issue.

This is another common issue with iherb, that the customer service tends to have broken english and they give token answers from their booklets, instead of actually looking into your issue and helping you with problems. They would state they would get back you in 24 hours and that 24 hours will become 72 hours or more, while you as the consumer have to constantly contacting them through chat, just to get straight answer about your problem.

Furthermore, you have to go through loops to close your account and get your data deleted from their system. There should be an easy way to close your account and delete your information without all the hassle.

Location: Pearl River, New York

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